What is Your Story?

"Anything that consumes our energy can be a story, even if we don't call it a story." - Jim Loehr
The question we begin today with is what is your story? We're going to look at it from three different angles...
What is your story?
  • Donald Miller story - teenager asking advice on her trip to Europe
  • how you see the world, your perspective = your reality
  • Question: How are the stories I'm using affecting my life?
What is your story?
  • 8 areas of life circle: financial, business, family, mental, social, spiritual, physical, higher power
  • Same facts, different story - twins with abusive father story
  • Question: How do you change your story? 
What is your story?
  • old vs new
  • inner vs outer
  • write it - Jim Loehr suggests starting with: "The truth is..."
When you're out of alignment, you cannot steer your vehicle properly. When your attitude, beliefs, and commitments are out of alignment, you cannot steer your life properly. Some of you want to change your direction without first changing your destination. We travel in circles when we have no destination. (Study from Planck Institute.) Let's begin with plotting a destination for your day. 
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