Unlimited Potential: How to STOP Living with Fear, Doubt, and Uncertainty

Unlimited Potential: How to STOP Living with Fear, Doubt, and Uncertainty

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Are you struggling to do the things that you want to do in your life?

Do you want to have a transformation but your unsure of how to do it?

Then, this book is designed for you. The first thing you must know is: you were born with Unlimited Potential and it only takes a shift in your attitudes, your beliefs, and your commitments to unleash it. In this book, you'll learn the 12 steps that took me from a drug addict facing 12 years of prison to being an successful entrepreneur, father, and a man that does the things that he sets out to do.

As you read the stories of personal transformation and complete the easy-to-do exercises contained in this book, you'll learn:

  • How to align yourself for sustainable growth and success using the ABC's of an achiever's mindset
  • 4 steps to succeed in spite of your fears
  • How to define your personal mission so that you can rid yourself of the pain of purposeless living
  • 3 beliefs that you must create to become unstoppable
  • Why you're meant to be a leader and what it means to be one
  • How to mine your past mistakes for gems that support you and build confidence
  • What REAL growth is and how this simple concept turns your into a winner
  • How to rid yourself of limiting beliefs and create a powerful self-image
  • How to turn your vision into actionable steps so that you can start building your dream lifestyle TODAY
  • The one thing you MUST do to get more done and accomplish more of the important stuff
  • The truth about failure and how to use it to reach success
  • And much more...

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